Marvelous Tales

The Marvel Comics fanfic fest

Marvelous Tales: The Marvel Comics Fanfic Fest
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Marvel Comics fanfiction fest
Marvelous Tales is a fest for Marvel Comics fanfic.

Schedule (NB: due to the mod's location, all dates begin/end at 00:00 GMT.)

Prompt submission: 7 July to 13 July
Prompt claiming: 14 July to 20 July
Posting begins: 11 August
Posting ends: 10 September

Your mod is puritybrown. She can be contacted at puritybrown [at] gmail.com. Please put "[marveloustales]" in the subject header of all fest-related emails.

Please also check out marvel_slash, marvel_fic, x_slash and xfiction for all your non-fest-related Marvel fic needs.